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We help family members of the deceased attain peace of mind by ensuring their loved one go through proper, complete funeral.

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A less costly alternative to more formal types of funerals

Immediate cremation – when the deceased is taken directly to a crematorium without a wake or funeral ceremony – offers a less costly alternative to more formal types of funerals.

SG Funeral provides direct-cremation funeral services and packages focused on simplicity and affordability while ensuring a fitting, dignified departure for the deceased.

Our straight-case funeral solution includes collection and cleaning of the body and casket transportation to the crematorium.

We engaged SG Funeral LLP for my mother’s funeral. There was totally no hassle, they had done a great job with all the requirements needed to make the funeral ceremony a successful one.

Thank you so much, SG Funeral LLP team!

Jackson Yeo

True peace-of-mind, complete direct cremation funeral package

Sea burial


Package item list

Professional coordinator 

  1. 24/7 respond to any enquiry
  2. Within 1 hour to meet deceased next kin, to let you understand the proceeding

Encoffin service

  1. Collection of deceased from hospital or HSA Block 9 or nursing home or home
  2. Professional cleaning, dressing and makeup service
  3. Casket (no glass)

Immediate family

  1. NEA Mandai cremation charge included

Coordination of funeral service & memorial ceremony

  1. In house online obituary memories services

After care service

  1. Ash collection service
  2. Sea burial essential needs
  3. Sea burial boat transport

Why choose the SG Funeral immediate cremation solution

Similar to our regular funeral services and packages, SG Funeral’s direct-cremation resource focuses on helping the bereaved cope with their loss while treating the deceased with utmost respect.

We pride ourselves on an immediate cremation service that reflects our commitment to clients and our core business principles of honesty, reliability and sincerity.

Key strengths of our straight-case funeral resource include:

  • Transparent pricing with no hidden costs.
  • Fast response from our 24/7 direct-cremation team.
  • Full bereavement care in your hour of need.

Benefits of our direct-cremation service

Direct cremation appears to be becoming more commonplace, and not just for financial reasons. Rock legends David Bowie and John Lennon both left instructions for immediate cremation.

We find that Singapore families who opt for our direct-cremation service often feel there’s simply no need for a public ceremony with the body present. The way we organise immediate cremation also allows relatives to pay their last respects in their own time, in a more intimate way.

We can arrange immediate cremation as an alternative to regular non-religious funerals and formal Buddhist funeral services and Taoist funeral services.

Memorial service options

Immediate cremation forgoes standard funeral features such as a hearse, funeral cortege and funeral ceremony, but you can still have a memorial service of your own devising after the cremation.

These memorial observances can be held whenever you feel the time is right, and typically include scattering of the ashes.

Our direct-cremation service process

SG Funeral can respond fast to begin the direct-cremation process, any time of the day or night, every day of the year.

We’ll then:

  • Collect the deceased from their house or nursing home or hospital.
  • Take the body to an embalming site for cleaning and cosmetics.
  • Place the deceased in a casket.
  • Transport the deceased to a crematorium – usually the government-run Mandai Crematorium.

If the deceased is a Buddhist or Taoist, we can also engage a monk or priest to conduct prayers at the crematorium before the cremation.

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