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We help family members of the deceased attain peace of mind by ensuring their loved one go through proper, complete funeral.

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Helping grieving relatives get through a deeply distressing time

Our Buddhist funeral service and packages help grieving relatives get through a deeply distressing time as we take care of all the organisation a Buddhist funeral entails.

As with all our funeral services and packages, we realise that the family needs looking after as well as the deceased, and we specialise in compassionate bereavement care.

SG Funeral also understands the crucial factors of a Buddhist funeral, underpinned by the concepts of karma, reincarnation and filial piety.

SG Funeral LLP gave us excellent customer service. They don’t stop the relationship with us as a customer, they continue the relationship as friends. They remind us of our beloved kin till this day.

Family member of the late Mdm Tan

True peace-of-mind, complete Buddhist funeral packages

A: Government-managed columbarium

$8,250 (3 days)  |  $9,250 (5 days)

B: Privately-managed columbarium

$6,600 (3 days)  |  $7,600 (5 days)

C: Sea burial

$5,800 (3 days)  |  $6,800 (5 days)

Our Buddhist funeral packages don’t just include basic items, we also include essential items and services that a complete funeral requires whereby many other seemingly “low-cost” funeral services companies regard as add-ons:

  • Cremation fee at crematorium
  • Online obituary
  • 49 days of an ling (安灵) service (for Package A & B)
  • Buddhist prayer service on urn/ashes placement day (for Package A)
  • Buddhist prayer service for 49th-day ceremony (for Package A & B)
  • 1 standard marble urn for cremated ashes (for Package A & B)
  • 1 standard marble niche plaque (for Package A)
  • 1 standard niche at columbarium (for Package A & B)

Complete package item list

Professional coordinator 

  1. 24/7 respond to any enquiry
  2. Professional coordinator to meet deceased next kin, within 1 hour to let you understand the proceeding

Encoffining & embalming service

  1. Collection of deceased from hospital or HSA Block 9 or nursing home or home
  2. Professional embalming, cleaning, dressing and makeup service
  3. 4-sided casket (half-glass)

Preparation of memorial ceremony

  1. Deceased essential
  2. 1 enlarged photo with 10’’ x 12’’ wooden frame with 6 passport size photos
  3. Ceremonial prayer items
  4. Essential needs – LED street lamp, straw mats
  5. Standard Buddhist blanket

Immediate family

  1. Mandai/Tse Toh Aum Temple cremation charge included
  2. Hand sanitizer (1 unit)
  3. Digital infrared thermometer (1 unit)
  4. Condolence book (1 unit)
  5. Stationary set (1 unit)
  6. Snacks set (4 units) (for Package B)

Wake setup

  1. In house online obituary memories services
  2. Void deck enclosure
  3. Curtains & carpet in casket area
  4. Buddhist altar setup
  5. Round table (10 units)
  6. Square table (15 units)
  7. Chairs (100 units)
  8. Fans (4 units)
  9. General lighting
  10. Mobile toilet (1 unit)
  11. Chiller (1 unit)
  12. Floral arrangement 1 floral photo wreath (11’’ x 13’’), 2 floral bouquets on deceased offer table and 2 floral bouquets on Buddha offer table

Coordination of funeral service & memorial ceremony

  1. Buddhist prayer service (1 monk) – encoffining & final night & cremation day
  2. Vegetarian food offering (1 set) – encoffining & final night & cremation day
  3. Buddha prayer items
  4. Buddha fruit offering (1 set) (for Package A & C)

Funeral procession service

  1. 1-way funeral glass hearse
  2. 2-way 45 seater, air-conditioned bus (1 unit)

After care service

  1. Towel souvenirs for guests (40 units)
  2. Flower water setup
  3. 49 days an ling service at Sin Ming/Tse Toh Aum Temple with vegetarian food offering (2 sets/day) (for Package A & B)
  4. 1 single niche storage at NEA columbarium/1 single system selected urn placement at Tse Toh Aum Temple (for Package A & B)
  5. 1 standard marble urn for cremated ashes (for Package A & B)
  6. 1 standard marble plaque with colour photo (for Package A)
  7. Ash collection service
  8. Buddhist prayer service (1 monk) – ash installation day (for Package A)
  9. Buddhist prayer service (1 monk/nun) – 49th day (for Package A & B)
  10. Sea burial essential needs (for Package C)
  11. Sea burial boat transport (for Package C)
  12. Buddhist prayer service (1 monk) – sea burial day (for Package C)

Full Buddhist funeral service

All aspects of our complete Singapore Buddhist funeral resource are provided in-house by our own undertakers, with a wealth of experience in organising Buddhist funerals. This allows us to maintain quality services throughout the entire funeral process, including:

  • Embalming
  • Encoffining
  • Cremation or burial
  • Ancestral tablet services

Why Buddhist families choose SG Funeral

Families in Singapore choose our Buddhist funeral services largely because of our expertise in Buddhist funeral rites.

Other advantages of our Buddhist funeral package include:

  • Affordability – with a one-stop funeral resource that cuts out middleman costs.
  • Convenience – you won’t have to find your own funeral supplies or source various providers of different funeral services.
  • Sensitivity – we place a strong emphasis on supporting grieving family members.

What you can expect from our Buddhist funeral packages

Our Buddhist funeral packages give you complete peace of mind that your loved one will travel smoothly into their next cycle of rebirth in a dignified manner in accordance with Buddhist principles.

SG Funeral will organise all the funeral services you need, and we’ll tailor the funeral process to follow your specific wishes. We’ll always be on hand to help you cope with your grief as you reflect on the inevitability of physical death – before, during and after the funeral.

Your total Buddhist funeral solution

Our Buddhist funeral package provides wide-ranging Buddhist funeral services. As well as embalming, dressing and encoffining, our services also cover:

  • Tentage setup for the casket, including carpeting and decoration.
  • Wake arrangements for family and friends to pay their respects to the deceased and console one another.
  • Food and joss paper offerings for the deceased.
  • Providing hearse and pallbearers.
  • Booking of cremation or interment site, including sea burials.
  • Selection of monks to lead the chanting of sutras.
  • Placing of ancestral tablet.
  • Collection of ashes.
  • Installation of ancestral tablet at a permanent location – at a temple or in your home.
  • Ongoing post-funeral rituals for up to 3 years.

Buddhist funeral customs & ritual

Rooted in folk religion, Chinese Buddhist customs and ritual recognise that the affiliation between the departed and the living goes on and that death is a process of transition.

To this end, Buddhist funeral rites consolidate filial piety () while helping to restore universal harmony.

Participation in Buddhist funeral rites

Relatives and other mourners typically take part in chanting processions led by monks during encoffining, enlightenment rituals, the funeral itself, and cremation. Family and friends of the deceased may also deliver eulogies.

Mourners at a Buddhist funeral wear white to demonstrate respect, and white flowers may be sent to the family before the service.

Buddhist funeral rituals avoid displays of wealth, and head coverings should be removed for sermons and prayers. You can sit silently during chanting or stand and join in. Donations to charity are acceptable.

49 days of sutra chanting

Chinese Buddhist funeral rites often continue over 49 days. The first seven days are the most important, when monks lead the chanting of sutras. A 49th-day memorial may also be observed.

A Gong Teck memorial service can be held 100 days after death to seek a better rebirth for the deceased.

The Heart Sutra

During encoffining, the Heart Sutra – “The Heart of Perfection of Wisdom” – may be chanted to help the spirit of the deceased come to terms with physical death.

Originating from Mahayana Buddhist tradition, the Heart Sutra is the most commonly recited text in this type of Buddhism.

Enlightenment ceremony

Enlightenment revolves around one of the core teachings of Buddhism – the Noble Eightfold Path leading to liberation from the cycle of rebirth.

Enlightenment ceremonies may last for days during the Buddhist funeral process, and entail monks reciting the Amitabha Sutra as a meditation on the Pure Land.

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