Affordable, complete funeral services & packages

We help family members of the deceased attain peace of mind by ensuring their loved one go through proper, complete funeral.

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Comprehensive funeral services and packages that save families money

SG Funeral provides complete funeral services and packages that save families money while guaranteeing their loved one will pass on with dignity and be at peace in their final resting place.

Our funeral services and funeral packages reflect that death is inevitable and focus on making the funeral process a celebration of the deceased’s life as well as a time of mourning.

Thank you SG Funeral LLP for the great and efficient service.

You guided us on the processes needed. You also let us know about unnecessary items we could exclude and helped us save cost for the funeral.

Family member of the late Mdm Lim Ah Mei

Helping you cherish the memory of your loved one

SG Funeral will treat your family with utmost compassion as we help you throughout each stage of the funeral process, with a total funeral resource that enables you to properly honour the life of your loved one.

Our funeral services and packages include:

  • Buddhist funerals
  • Taoist funerals
  • Freethinker funerals
  • Direct cremation

Why choose SG Funeral

Our Singapore funeral directors have built a strong reputation for an emphasis on looking after the bereaved as well as the departed.

For instance, our one-stop direct funeral solution eliminates the problem of having to find various funeral services from different sources.

Other advantages of our funeral services and packages include:

  • 24/7 standby service to ensure fast attention after the death.
  • Full funeral ceremony planning and coordination, including provision of funeral supplies such as caskets and urns.
  • Personal bereavement care from your own dedicated funeral director.
  • Customised religious and non-religious funeral services.
  • Organisation of post-funeral memorial services – seldom offered by other undertakers.

Easing the financial burden

Despite the emotional trauma surrounding a death in the family, financial considerations are still important for those left to arrange the funeral.

We make our funeral services and packages as affordable as possible by:

  • Not adding Goods and Service Tax (GST) to your bill.
  • Avoiding third-party costs by keeping the entire funeral process in-house.
  • Offering advice on ways to trim funeral costs without sacrificing quality of services.

Our funeral services and funeral packages

Death of a family member leaves relatives in a state of shock, even if it was expected, and the multiple considerations in arranging the funeral can be overwhelming without professional help.

We can organise every aspect of a full, appropriate funeral while keeping funeral costs to a minimum, with no hidden costs. This gives you peace of mind to focus on remembering your loved one as they were in life.

Our funeral service packages include:

  • Encoffining, with embalming and dressing.
  • Casket services for viewing the deceased.
  • Funeral cortege, with hearse plus funeral cars for the family if they don’t have their own transport.
  • Funeral portrait display.
  • Cremation or burial arrangements.
  • Organisation of HDB void deck funerals.
  • Selecting ashes location and installing the remains.
  • Coordinating post-funeral rites and memorial ceremonies.

Buddhist funerals

Our Buddhist funeral service and packages are designed around the importance of ancestral piety and belief in karma and reincarnation, and include the organisation of:

  • Monks for chanting sutras.
  • Enlightenment ceremony to help the deceased into the afterlife.
  • Placing of ancestral tablets.

Taoist funerals

Our Taoist funeral service includes coordinating rituals to safeguard the departed from demons as their spirit progresses along The Way. We tailor Taoist funerals to take into account the various requirements of different Chinese dialect communities, including:

  • Hokkien
  • Teochew
  • Zhao’an
  • Cantonese

Non-religious funerals

Our non-religious funeral service provides a fitting means of laying to rest your loved one if they didn’t belong to an organised religion, and includes:

  • Funerals for humanists and atheists.
  • Eulogies without religious overtones.
  • Customised funerals according to the wishes of the family and/or deceased.

Direct-cremation funeral service

Our direct-cremation funeral service is the ideal solution for families who don’t want to hold a wake. We’ll organise:

  • A time slot with the cremation centre.
  • Transportation of the deceased.
  • Simple, dignified funeral service.
  • Placement of ashes, usually in a columbarium.

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