Complete funeral solutions & quality bereavement care

We help family members of the deceased attain peace of mind by ensuring their loved one go through proper, complete funeral.

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Easing the pain of bereaved families

SG Funeral helps to ease the pain of bereaved families while ensuring the deceased is laid to rest in a dignified, fitting manner.

Our undertakers will respond immediately in your hour of need, and we’re on standby 24 hours every day to help you cope with the emotional upheaval of a death in the family.

We’ll look after you and your loved one with the utmost compassion and respect throughout the whole funeral process and beyond.

Thank you SG Funeral LLP for the great service given to our late dad and his immediate family members.

We want to compliment you for the compassion shown to my deceased dad and making sure he would get his essentials, if there is really another life in the other world.

You gave us peace of mind.

Family member of the late Mr. Tan Zhi Qiong

Your one-stop funeral resource

SG Funeral provides total funeral solutions. We handle every aspect of funeral coordination ourselves, including provision of funeral supplies, and we also manage post-funeral arrangements.

This spares families the hassle of having to find different companies to get all the funeral resources they need. It also keeps funeral costs to a minimum by avoiding middlemen.

Our funeral services and packages

SG Funeral provides full, customised funeral services and packages designed to help bereaved families cope with their loss as they pay their last respects to – and celebrate the life of – the departed.

We can guarantee the highest standards of service and integrity throughout the entire funeral process because we don’t rely on third-party involvement.

Our funeral company will also take care of you and your loved one after the funeral by organising memorial rituals and sourcing temples.

We provide both Buddhist and Taoist funeral services and packages, and also organise freethinker (non-religious) funerals and direct cremation funerals.

Buddhist and Taoist funeral services

We manage every requirement for Buddhist and Taoist funerals, from embalming and encoffining to cremation (or burial) and post-funeral rituals.

Our Buddhist funeral services and packages help families to reflect on the importance of karma and focus on helping the deceased proceed into their next life.

Our Taoist funeral services will be customised to your particular Chinese dialect group as we help your loved one continue their travels along The Way.

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